About me


My name is Lindsay, and it’s my goal to make you look like a baking/cooking/DIY genius. How? By developing recipes and how-to’s that are approachable and easy to follow, thus giving you consistently awesome results.

Because we live in a world that’s full of woefully sketchy recipes and how-to’s! How many times have you been reading through a recipe and thought, “Uh huh, yeah right.” (I’m looking at you, every “fry onions until caramelized, about 5 minutes” instruction)? Or even worse, followed a recipe as written to a T, only to have the end results be less than stellar? I’m here to say that it’s not you. Recipe writing is this weird mixture of convention (“Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy” Is there a universal place from which that line is copied and pasted?) and the assumption that the reader has lots of prior knowledge. Which is unrealistic for the majority of people! Sure, most of us have cobbled together a general base of culinary knowledge, but should you really have to know that eggs generally need to be at room temperature for baking? Why can’t the recipe writer just say that?

So! It’s my quest to be the writer who assumes no prior knowledge! Well, I will assume that if you’re attempting to do one of my recipes or projects that you are of sound mind and that you’re pretty decent with major motor skills (beyond that, you’re on your own). Otherwise, I promise on my side to work recipes multiple times so I know the results are repeatable and consistent. Please comment and give feedback! Hearing from you is why I do this 🙂

Why The Fox & The Bee?

The fox and the bee are my totem animals of sorts, and represent the balance I attempt to strike in life; being clever (that is, find the easiest, most efficient way to do something) and hard working, savory and sweet. Growing up, I had blonde hair, and my family always called me the “honey bee.” I actually have a small collection of bee-themed gifts I’ve received over the years! Fast forward to when I became a redhead and suddenly people were comparing me to foxes, and fox-themed items began to appear in my life. Despite the somewhat superficial start to both monikers, I’ve embraced the spirit of them to represent my life philosophy.